Chinese Market

China is one of the biggest markets in Pacific Asia with its population approximately more than 1,350.000.000 people. According to a remarkable research, it is also estimated that the Chinese Economy will reach % 45 of a growth rate in between 2010 - 2020. Especially, after the capital injection of foreign investments that are originated from USA and Europe; China had modernized itself in a short period of time. On 17.11.2001, China was also integrated into the international trade system by being a remarkable member of WTO. According to data of WTO in 2014, China was placed in 2nd rank in the list of World Greatest Economies by outpacing Japan. In parallel with this growth rate, the majority of the financial authorities predicts that China will also outpace USA in the list by reaching 70 trillion $ of GDP in 2050.

About Us

In the developing world economy, China and Pacific Asia are the new emerging markets which offer various opportunities for the investors. However, the majority of private entrepreneurs, firms, and corporate companies can’t take the benefits of this commercial market in sufficient level. In that point, F&B Management offers a professional business support for you. Especially, during your business operations, our expert team provides market research, restaurant set-up, business development, staff training, marketing, and equipment sourcing services in Turkey, Pacific Asia and China. F&B Management offers you various privileged investment opportunities by its unique services in this remarkable market.