F&B Management is a professional service provider that aims to enhance the efficiency of your investment in both China and Turkey. In this context, you can determine the most suitable strategy for responding your requests, and promoting your position in the market. Our priority is always offering the best opportunities that have minimum risk and maximum profit.

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Our Sourcing service is established for giving follow up support about your purchased products in China. During this process, you can either check all details of your products, or solve business problems about commercial issues by taking the advantage of F&B Management.

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In the strange structure of Chinese market and Pacific region, our clients may reach the chance to get accurate information about the potential obstacles that can be faced during the business life of China. Moreover, it also offers various opportunities in new sectors, products, and services.

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China- Fast Food Industry Overview

The Chinese QSR Business is a huge developing industry which provides profitable operations for all local & foreign brands. In China, the maintenance of comparative advantage is much more tough process than gaining it; because the market will face with the threat of new entrants which increase the competitiveness in the sector. One of the major reasons of this issue is the fact that the capital requirement of entry is established on unequal basis for foreign brands. For example, a WFOE Company must arrange minimum 100,000 USD as the registered capital; and they also need to fulfill all the legal requirements. On the other hand, a local brand can do the same market entry by investing 10,000 USD without having any extra legal permission. For this reason, a foreign brand needs to arrange a dynamic marketing strategy in order to promote its brand reputation against the upcoming rivals. Otherwise, the new developments that are done by immediate competitors and local secondary competitor could negatively affect their sales in the long run.


Foodline Holding is an International Investment & Management Company that is founded in Hong Kong. Holding`s mission is based on establishing profitable business structures for Food & Beverage Sector by implementing modern multinational approaches. Our investments span a range of countries including Hong Kong, China and Turkey. We aim to seek opportunities in which there are obvious capabilities to drive improvement in the F&B businesses through, development of new services, organic growth, efficient market expansion and profitable managing initiatives.


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